Didgeridoo Course 2019


The didgeridoo is an indigenous Australian instrument traditionally played at ceremonies. A termite hollowed tree is used to amplify the breath and voice of the player, often imitating sounds of animals and nature. The vibration of the didgeridoo is deeply calming, meditative, and sometimes even trance-inducing. It feels essentially like one big continuous OM. Didgeridoo playing can help with resolving sleep apnea and snoring, cultivates deeper breathing, calms the mind, and is great fun!

Every session will begin with a series of yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) in order to expand breath capacity and consciously connect to the principles of a healthy breath pattern. Building on a deep, full breath, we’ll explore the many techniques used to create complex music on the didge.

You will learn:
• yogic breathing techniques
• warm-up exercises for didgeridoo playing
• how to create the basic drone
• how to modulate the drone
• using the voice, making animal sounds
• basic rhythms
• circular breathing step by step
• how to use didgeridoo playing as a meditation practice
• how to start a personal daily practice

Brooklyn Yoga Project
185 Sackett Street, Brooklyn (F or G train to Carroll Street)

Dates & Time:
Saturdays 4-6pm
January 5, 12, 19, 26
February 2, 16
March 2

Printed materials and video clips of the course material will be provided.

What to bring:
Bring your own didgeridoo.
If you don’t have one, contact Nora. Four didgeridoos are available for free give away, first come first serve. Visit DidgeProject to purchase instruments (recommended: Travel Didgeridoo and Airdidge).
Filtered drinking water is provided, BYO bottle.

Contact Nora & sign-up: