Soundbath Workshop


Nora Heilmann and Marsha Bentami

December 8th, 2-4pm, YogaWorks Brooklyn Heights
$45 / $40 before December 1st

This workshop will be a journey into sound vibration and deep relaxation. We will begin with conscious and mindful breathing (pranayama) in order to quiet the nervous system and tune into a mode of receptivity. The main part of the workshop will be spent in restorative poses using the support of props for maximum comfort. Marsha and Nora will create a complex soundscape as they play live music on singing bowls, chimes, didgeridoo, handpan, and other soothing instruments. We will conclude the experience with a short silent meditation and the opportunity to ask questions.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

• The healing properties of live music and vibrational sound on the nervous and immune systems
• Experiencing a mode of deep listening with the entire body and not just with the ears
• Setting up deeply relaxing restorative poses with props, helping to reset the entire system, ideal for home practice
• conscious breathing and meditation practices that help induce a peaceful state of mind and support mental, emotional, psychological, and physical balance

Nora & Marsha Soundbath. 12.8. Brooklyn (1)