From 2001 until 2010, I worked as a performance artist and choreographer, making site-specific and interdisciplinary movement art for theaters, gallery spaces, festivals, urban locations, and places in nature. One of my main interests was to dismantle the traditional hierarchies and power relationships between choreographer and dancer, performer and audience, teacher and student. In my work, I focused on deep listening practices to counter the spectacle and dominance of visual culture. I was committed to innovative and unconventional movement research, deconstructing and queering coded dance norms.

As a faculty member, I taught movement research and composition at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and at the yearly summer program of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. I mentored students in their artistic process and facilitated immersive workshops at the intersection of experiential practices and theory.

Since 2007, I’ve been sharing yoga and meditation practices, often in combination with live music. I co-facilitated several teacher training programs with a specific focus on yoga philosophy and yogic breathing techniques. In 2019/20, I was a core organizer for the first yoga teacher union (Unionize Yoga), aiming to create more equity and just labor practices in the yoga industry. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing economic instability for movement teachers, I became a founding member at the Connective, a teacher-owned online co-op committed to racial justice, gender diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

At this moment in time, I mostly delight in random kitchen clubbing and interspecies dance parties with cats.