I grew up in Eastern Europe where access to fresh food in grocery stores was sparse. My parents took me on plant and mushroom foraging adventures early on, so we could supplement our nutrition with more diversity. I always loved having my eyes and nose on the forest ground, finding mushrooms and identifying them. Later in life, I mostly lived in big cities and had little opportunities to connect to nature.

Recently, I’ve made the shift back to study mycology in its many forms, from wild foraging to lo-tek home cultivation and medicinal mushroom application. I see an enormous potential for fungi to be our teachers in soil to soil cycles, decomposition, mycoremediation, water filtration, medical research, eco-packaging, building materials, myco-textiles, and sustainable healthy nutrition as an alternative to the animal farm industry. I’m excited to keep diving deeper into the fascinating world of fungi and welcome collaborative projects!

Myco-Magic Wonderland

Ode to Fungi