about nora

I’m an artist, educator, sound explorer, mushroom lover, and student of urban farming & social justice at Farm School NYC. I’m passionate about earth care, animal welfare, racial justice, and community building.


From 2001 until 2010, I worked as a performance artist and choreographer, making site-specific and interdisciplinary movement art for theaters, gallery spaces, festivals, urban locations, and places in nature. One of my main interests was to dismantle the traditional hierarchies and power relationships between choreographer and dancer, performer and audience, teacher and student. In my work, I focused on deep listening practices to counter the spectacle and dominance of visual culture. I was committed to innovative and unconventional movement research, deconstructing and queering coded dance norms.

As a faculty member, I taught movement research and composition at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and at the yearly summer program of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. I mentored students in their artistic process and facilitated immersive workshops at the intersection of experiential practices and theory.

Since 2007, I’ve been sharing yoga and meditation practices, often in combination with live music. I co-facilitated several teacher training programs with a specific focus on yoga philosophy and yogic breathing techniques. In 2019/20, I was a core organizer for the first yoga teacher union (Unionize Yoga), aiming to create more equity and just labor practices in the yoga industry. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing economic instability for movement teachers, I became a founding member at the Connective, a teacher-owned online co-op committed to racial justice, gender diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. I currently offer an online resource of practice videos through Vimeo.


One of my main passions is empowering people to build community through music. I’m an educator at DidgeProject Brooklyn, where I teach didgeridoo lessons online and in person. The didgeridoo is a traditional Aboriginal instrument from Australia that seems to facilitate a deep sense of belonging and care for the Earth. Learning to play the didgeridoo has helped students find a deeper connection to healthy breathing patterns, reduce anxiety, cope with PTSD, enter meditative states, and simply enjoy making music. Teaching is my way of continuously investigating and experimenting with this fascinating instrument, and the students I guide are my teachers in return.

Urban Farming

I’m currently a student at Farm School NYC, which trains leaders in urban agriculture and social justice in order to build self-reliant communities that inspire positive local action around access to healthy food, land, and water. I also volunteer at the local urban community farm where we grow fresh organic produce for food pantries that serve the city’s multi-racial population and families living under the poverty line. Touching soil, planting seeds, and tending the land is a great privilege. I also delight in wild food fermentation experiments, watching the transformative processes powered by bacteria and yeasts.


I grew up in Eastern Europe where access to fresh food in grocery stores was sparse. My parents took me on plant and mushroom foraging adventures early on, so we could supplement our nutrition with more diversity. I always loved having my eyes and nose on the forest ground, finding mushrooms and identifying them. Later in life, I mostly lived in big cities and had little opportunities to connect to nature. Recently, I’ve made the shift back to study mycology in its many forms, from wild foraging to small-scale home cultivation and medicinal mushroom application. I see an enormous potential for fungi to be our teachers in mycoremediation, water filtration, medical research, eco-packaging, myco-textiles for the fashion industry, and sustainable healthy nutrition as an alternative to the animal farm industry. I’m excited to keep diving deeper into the fascinating world of fungi and welcome collaborative projects of any kind!