New stories

May 31, 2019

image: Yumi Sakugawa

We are in need of new collective narratives. Because the old ones such as unlimited growth, continuous profit and inexhaustible resources have proven dysfunctional.

We need free space and dream time to let our creative spirit unfold, so that we can think new stories into being.

Some new ideas have already sprouted: degrowth, simple living, tiny houses, plant based eating, ecocentric world viewing, local vacations, permaculture, green rooftops, rewilding, collectivities.

I would like to see humans, animals, and trees have a dance party to free their spirit, play the drums and sing, wiggle their bodies and do handstands, just to shake things up a bit.

It can’t be that we continue to stay stuck in patterns that cause suffering to each other. We can do better than that. I am so tired of a culture centered around money, power and useless stuff.

And I truly long for an environment centered around a spark of kindness, love and care. The same unconditional love animal companions know so well to share with us.

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