From ego-centric to eco-centric

May 26, 2019

These days I started to think of yoga practice as a shift from the ego-centric to the eco-centric. This is inspired by a book by Paul Kingsnorth I am reading.

Instead of making life all about myself and humans as the one and only important species on planet earth that the rest of life has to serve, can the objective of yoga practice be a shift towards rediscovering myself within the vast and diverse web of life.

It seems obvious, if yoga is a word that could mean connection, union, or intimacy with “other” or simply the all. Creating this shift is actually my interest in the subject of yoga. It seems that sometimes we over-obsess with physical posture practice, while completely forgetting to place asana as a tool within a larger context.

Of course, the very experience of breathing the collectively shared air and possibly breaking a sweat (= releasing the collectively shared water into the atmosphere and thus re-sharing it), is part of the shifting process. But it needs to inform the life choices I make.

Respecting animals, plants, water, and soil as living beings who have rights of their own. Living simply. Celebrating the compost toilet.

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